I've been taking photographs for over seven years now and yet I have never really had the chance of printing my images on a large scale. Mostly I just didn't find the time or motivation to do it but also just because in this digital age it can fast be forgotten with social channels like Instagram and alike.

All of this changed however when I recently got approached by the belgian printing company zor.com - they offered to print one of my images on Alu-Dibond 90x90 at a reduced price. Since I'd never had such a chance before, I gladly accepted their offer and printed one of my photographs from a recent road trip in the Swiss Alps. When the image arrived I wasn't just impressed by the actual quality of the print but mostly about the fact that it would still have been super cheap if I it hadn't been sponsored. I compared a lot of printing shops online and found that zor.com was by far the cheapest among all of them. Since their quality is great too, I'll definitely come back to them in the future. See some photos below for an impression of the print that now decorates my new flat.